sábado, 27 de outubro de 2007

Os Sete Anões, O Papa e a Antártida. Que ligação poderá haver?

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Os 7 Anões

O Papa

A Antártida

The 7 dwarfs are all excited as the new pope is visiting fairy story land.
All week they nudge Dopey sniggering "Well you can finally ask your question!", to which Dopey replies every time "Shurrup willya!"
Finally the day arrives and all the dwarfs are lined up with the other characters from the Snow White story, he shakes hands with the evil Queen, then Snow White then slowly makes his way down the line of the dwarfs.
As he approaches Dopey theres a small chant which gets louder and louder:
"Ask him, ask him... Ask him, ASK HIM!"
"Ask me what?" Questions the pope.
The dwarfs shove Dopey forward "ASK HIM!"
"What would you like to know?", says his holiness.
"Well", begins Dopey, "Are any of your nuns black?"
"Hum" ponders the pope "As a religion we catholics don't differentiate between creed so its more than probable that quite a few of our nuns are black . Does that answer your question?"
"ASK HIM!! shout the dwarfs.
"Is there more to your question young man?"
"Erm... Do any of your nuns work in Antarctica?"
"Well young man we have nuns all around the globe so its more than likely that we have a couple in Antarctica. Does that answer your question?"
"ASK HIM!!!!" Yell the dwarfs.
"Is there more to this question?" asks the pope now getting more than annoyed.
"Erm... Are any of these black nuns in Antarctica dwarfs?!"
"WHAT"! Splutters the pope. "I'm sure if we had a black dwarf nun in Antarctica i would have heard of it. So in answer to your question NO!
"All the dwarfs collapse on the floor pissing themselves laughing.